laurence pasteels

With a transdisciplinary approach to creation, Laurence Pasteels is a leader in award-winning visual, brand and cultural design. Her 20 years of experience have led her to work at the unique intersection of product, design and storytelling. For the last 12 years, she has held the position of Creative Director. Her strong visual sensibility and dedication to putting the right teams together, comprise the driving force that makes her projects thrive. She is known for her integrity, her dedication and her leadership. She has worked for a variety of clients and international projects, worked abroad to train her teams in Dubai, and travelled to the other side of the world, to work hand in hand with her client in India. She likes taking on a diverse range of projects and expanding her playground: to re-brand or invent a visitor experience, create show themes or produce TV spots. She started her career as a Designer and Art Director in Brussels and Paris. Since moving to Montréal, she worked at Cossette, Sidlee, Circo de Bakuza, GSM Project, Cirque du Soleil and now C2 International. Member of kyu Graph

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