Graph Commons is a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing and publishing data-networks. It empowers people and organizations to transform their data into interactive maps and untangle complex relations that impact them and their communities. Graph Commons members have been using the platform primarily for two main purposes:

Community Strategy – Managing relationships, e.g., ecosystem mapping, community management, organizational analysis, contact mapping, partnership strategy.

Innovation Strategy – Discovering opportunities, e.g., issue mapping, knowledge graph, business and investment strategy, market analysis, tech scouting, content strategy, policy mapping, blockchain analysis.

For organizations with extensive data needs, Graph Commons offers a graph database-as-a-service with advanced exploration features and higher data storage for holding large data sets with many types and attributes (see publicly available hubs). The iterative exploration and data querying features enable working with large data within the browser, while also reducing the cognitive load arising from complexity. Contact us to learn more about hubs.


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