Graph Commons is a collaborative 'network mapping' platform and a knowledge base of relationships. You can map relationships at scale and unfold the mystery about complex issues that impact you and your community.

Graph Commons members have been using the platform for investigative journalism, data research, civic activism, strategizing, organizational analysis, systems design, exploring archives, art curating and what not. We believe you will find a unique way to use Graph Commons in your own connected world.

We hope that you will spend some time browsing current graphs and creating new ones. Feel free to share anything you create or find.

We welcome feedback on your experience. Send all problems, suggestions, questions and comments to contact@graphcommons.com, report bugs and issues, request features at our issues repository on Github, talk to us on our Slack chat channel. We'd love to hear from you.

Organizational Accounts – If you'd like to build your data, archive, or research into your own networked knowledge base, collaborate with your team, and have privacy controls, we offer organizational accounts, namely data hubs. Contact us for your organization.


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