Data hub for your organization

Transform your organization's data into a networked knowledge base.

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In addition to the features available to all members, a data hub provides exclusive features for your organization.

Graphcommons collaborative mapping

Networked knowledge base

Transform your organization's data, archive, or research into your own graph database and explore it from multiple yet consistent views, or graphs. Display all your work in one place with your brand identity.

Graphcommons mapping analysis

Unified taxonomy and consistent visual language

Create and customize your data templates, so your team can consistently reuse data points across multiple graph views.

Graphcommons hubs seamless collaboration

Unlimited users   ✔

Collaborate seamlessly and consistently on multiple data points with your team as well as with your community at scale.

Graphcommons hubs privacy controls

Privacy controls   ✔

Create private graphs and nodes accessible only to you and your team, while keeping part of your data public.

Graphcommons hubs support

Dedicated support   ✔

Get 24/7 support from our Help Desk on the use of the platform or for technical assistance.

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We will answer your questions, walk you through a demo, and support getting started with your hub.