Radical Transparency

Are museums truly apolitical spaces for creative thinking and reflection? Who is financially fueling these institutions, and why? Is it possible to accurately reflect on our current social state without identifying the root causes of our situation? Through mapping relationships on the Museum's board, we expose wealth, nepotism, corporate and militaristic influence and power. Far from exceptional, members of this board are part of the oligarchy purchasing the influence of politicians and controlling social conditions across the globe. We are all interconnected and complicit in this structure in various disconnected ways, but artists are largely not a part of the conversations that happen in the 'art world'. Is the museum contemporary? And is it not imagination that empowers us as artists? Can we use this to create a more sustainable and inclusive definition of art? Instead of allowing for elitist institutions and people to co-opt and limit our ideas? We do not need museums, they need us!

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Today, while we talk about scamming the patriarchy and celebrate the empowerment of women and femmes, we glorify an institution funded by the same corporate and political players that profit from the...

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