Martin Gauthier

Entrepreneur and artisans that started in 1996, with 4 other partners, Stratego Media, one of the first Web agency in Canada. I am currently one of the senior partner at Sid Lee, which has been named "Agency of the Year" and one of the most performing agencies in the world according to Forbes. We work with internationally recognized brands such as adidas, Cirque du Soleil, Absolut Vodka, Red Bull and The North Face. Sid Lee is a global creative team of 650 professionals crafting innovative consumer experiences to drive value for top-tier brands. We have grown into one of the most multidisciplinary firms in the world offering a unique holistic marketing approach. We are part of KYU, making for a powerful collective that fuels our ability to deliver memorable consumer experiences driven by creativity. We work for clients in over 20 countries from Montreal, Paris, Toronto, LA and New York. Member of kyu Graph

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