Tips for Choosing the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy vacuums are not easy to use, especially on carpets. Homeowners with stairs would also find them inconvenient to carry up and down. Moreover, younger members of the family have reasons to avoid cleaning tasks when they have to lug a heavy vacuum around the house.

Therefore, lightweight vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity thanks to their portability. However, choosing the right lightweight vacuum for your home can be a task in itself, as there’s a wide variety of models on the market. So why not let us take you through a few tips on how to choose the right one?

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1. Consider the types of surface of your house.

While weight is one of the most important criteria when you look for a vacuum, you would not want to sacrifice other factors that affect the performance of your vacuum. Given this, the aim is to achieve a balance between the ideal weight and essential functions. The best-rated vacuum should be comfortable to use yet perform efficiently on different floor types.

You probably know that different floor surfaces require different suction power and accessories. Carpets need more suction, as they keep dirt and debris within their fibers. If you have to vacuum both high-pile and low-pile carpeted floors every week, then you’ll need a vacuum that comes with a brush roll to pick up specks of dirt that accumulate deep in the carpet fibers.

Hardwood floors, however, do not require vacuums with a high level of suction, as dirt is right on the surface. Brush rolls, therefore, should be chosen carefully, not to scratch the hardwood surfaces. Vacuums with soft-bristles are recommended. Otherwise, you should pick those vacuum cleaners that are equipped with an automatic on/off switch button for the brush roll.

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2. Know how your lightweight vacuum collects dirt

Bagged vacuums such as Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum usually have a better capacity to hold dirt than their bagless counterparts. Given this, if your home is high-traffic, go with bagged models.

The best vacuum on the market should not only fit your needs and your budget but also ensure clean air for everyone. So if a few members in your family are allergy sufferers, then bagged vacuums are a great choice as discarding them is hygienic. Since these bags hold dust securely, there are no risks of getting allergens.

Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, can create a mess when emptying them. However, there are bagless models with downwards dust bins to ensure hygiene for users. Even though users do not need to replace the container of bagless vacuums, they do need to replace the filters periodically.

3. Consider the level of mobility that you need

A vacuum cleaner that is portable for your friend’s family might not be a suitable choice for your family. In other words, we all need a different level of portability.

Some cordless vacuums are lightweight, allowing you to clean every surface and corner. Other cordless models are handheld vacuums, offering users fantastic mobility. In short, know the level of portability that you need first before narrowing down your options.

The bottom line

Best vacuum cleaners in the world always offer customers a wide variety of lightweight vacuums. Before clicking the purchase button, you’d better know how a vacuum collects dirt, the types of surfaces that your house has, and the level of portability that you need. These are all critical factors that affect your buying decision. Click “share” if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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