A new perspective on your data.

Reveal the connected nature of your data, see the bigger picture, gain insight.

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Graphcommons collaborative mapping

Collaborate on research and mapping

Collectively experiment in the act of mapping as an ongoing practice. Search across multiple graphs, invite collaborators to your work and contribute to their graphs, engage in deep collaboration.

Graphcommons mapping analysis

Visualize and analyze relations at scale

Import your existing data sheets or map using the visual graph editor. Apply network analysis to discover patterns, indirect relations, and organic clusters that are otherwise hidden, get actionable insight.

Graphcommons cartography presentation

Present beautiful cartography

Create unified data taxonomies, customize color and icons of actors and relations in your data to develop an effective visual language. Present your work fullscreen on any device.

Graphcommons publishing sharing

Publish and share your findings

Publish your graph, share selections, embed graphs into your site, start a dialogue through comments. All public graphs are licensed to their authors with Creative Commons International 4.0.

Data Hub for your organization

We offer additional services for organizations with extensive data needs.

Graph Commons is used for investigative journalism, strategizing, organizational analysis, archival exploration, and what not. We believe you will find a unique way to use Graph Commons in your own connected world.