A new perspective on your data.

Reveal the connected nature of your data, see the bigger picture, gain insight.

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Graphcommons collaborative mapping
Graph icon Search icon People icon Editinfo icon
  • Explore data-networks across variety of topics
  • View member profiles and what they are working on
  • View info cards and dedicated pages for data points

Explore data projects

Discover how people and organizations connect the dots about complex issues that are otherwise invisible. Search and explore their immediate relations across a variety of interesting contexts.

Graphcommons cartography presentation
Pen icon Datatable icon Api icon Collaboration icon
  • Model your data and customize an effective visual language
  • Import from Google Spreadsheet or Excel CSV
  • Develop graph-driven smart applications with the API
  • Comment on graphs, map and analyze with your colleagues

Map your own data

Use the visual editor, import from your spreadsheets, or programmatically use graphs. Invite collaborators and contribute to their graphs.

Graphcommons mapping analysis
Filter icon Graph icon Analysis icon Story icon
  • Combine filters to answer complex questions
  • Explore graphs with advanced layout algorithms and WebGL
  • Identify complex patterns and gain insight
  • Tell stories from your data with slideshows

Gain network intelligence

Apply network analysis to discover patterns, central actors, indirect relations, organic clusters that are otherwise hidden. Place analysis in your reports, tell stories with your data.

Graphcommons publishing sharing
Share md icon Embed icon Pdf icon Timeline icon
  • Share your selections as cards on social media
  • Add interactive graphs and cards to your website
  • Get printable maps as PDF files and PNG images
  • Track your impact, how people react to your graphs

Publish your findings

Share your graph, selections with permalinks, embed into your sites, download PDFs, discuss via comments, track your graph’s engagement.

Investigative journalism, organizational analysis, strategizing, archival exploration, content curation are some of Graph Commons use cases.

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Pen icon
Visual Data Editor

Model your data, customize effective visual language.

Datatable icon
Data Import

Import your data from Google Sheets and Excel CSV.

Graph icon
Advanced Graph Layout

Explore graphs with advanced algorithms and WebGL.

Search icon
Search in Graph

Robust search engine to find data in your graphs.

Collaboration icon

Map and analyze data together.

Filter icon

Combine filters to answer complex questions.

Analysis icon
Data Analysis

Identify complex patterns and gain actionable insight.

Story icon

Make slideshow stories from your graph data.

Png icon
PDF Downloads

Get printable maps as PDF files and PNG images.

Export icon
Data Export

Export your data as CSV, JSON, GraphML, Cypher.

Embed icon

Add interactive graphs and cards to your website.

Share md icon

Share your selections as cards on social media.

Timeline icon

Track your impact, how people react to your graphs.

Api icon
API Access

Develop graph-driven smart applications.

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Free Feature Updates

Get new features frequently without any installation.

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Daily Backup

All your data is securely stored and backed up daily.

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